Built in 1890

The villa was built in 1890 as an office- and multifamily house. At the lower floor the administration of water and navigation was located and the upper floors used to offer several flats to the acitve and retired directors with their families. In the past there used to be a singleroom flat for travellers concerning the business of the Administration of water and navigation. Almost one hundred years later we attach to history by establishing a modern holiday flat for travellers in the same villa.

Coast guard

Over time several changes occured in the main use of the building. Formely built as an administration office, the cellar of the villa was used during the last days of world war two as an outpost by german soldiers. You still see documents of time in the buildingfront. In the 1990s the Hamelner Marketing and Tourism Office as well as the coast guard used the villa for theire purposes.


Renovation of the villa in 2007

The city administration of Hameln had bought the villa during the process of renovating the whole historical towncenter of Hameln. Since then the villa was in possession by the town of Hameln. In times of small public budgets the town decided to sell the villa in 2006. In september 2006 we started extensive renovations in corporation with architect Dipl.-Ing. Ole Grave from October 2006 until April 2007.


The first canallock of 1773

Almost tied up with the fate of the villa is the first lock of Hameln, located underneath. The Villa is built up on the inactive and burried canallock of 1773, which was the first lock established in Hameln. During 1871 the second, bigger lock opened close to the former lock of 1733, it's position can be still seen at the northern part of the property of the villa. Today it is used as highwater harbour of Hameln. Since several parts of the villa had settled during the last one hundred years, the architect decided to strengthen the base of the villa by pressing sixty piles up to 14 meters underneath the villa.